Laborama 2017

On display

BluVision Discrete analyzer

Complete automation of colorimetric paramaters, specially for environmental labs that have a wide variety of sample types and matrices for analysis.  Typical application areas are: drinking water, wastewater, groundwater and surface water. 

Some features:

• 15 mm cuvette path length for low ppb levels of detection
• 640 cuvette positions
• Easy to operate, low reagent consumption
• Runs up to 8 chemistry parameters simultaneously
• Separate waste collection for toxic reagents, selectable per method

San++ Continuous flow analyzer
Complete automation of all colorimetric parameters such asNH4, NO3, PO4, SO4, F, Cl,
total/free CN, Phenol index, Total N & P and others in  water, destruates and soil extracts

TOC/TN analyzers

Primacsseries for the analysis of TOC, TC, TIC and TN as well as EC in solids / liquids / suspensions.

Formacsseries for the analysis of TOC / DOC, TC, TIC, NPOC, TN and NO3 + NO2 in liquids.

SP2000 Robot analyzers
Automation of BOD, COD, Test kit applications (COD according to 15705), pH, EC, Alkalinity, titrations, sample pipetting and preparation etc.

Visit the Skalar during  Laborama  in Groot-Bijgaarden, March 16-17th 2017- Booth B10.
We will be pleased to welcome you and demonstrate Skalar’s analyzers.